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heat treating cold rolled steel

heat treating cold rolled steel

Images of Heat Treating Cold Rolled Steel

imagesHow to Temper Mild Cold Rolled Steel eHow Fill the metal bucket with water until it is deep enough to completely quench the metal part youClamp the metal between the jaws of the locking pliers and put on your leather gloves.EvenHeat the part with the propane torch until it has reached a light red coloration that isn't quite pink.Quench the part in the water until the water ceases to sizzle,and check the temperature of the partRemove the steel part from the oven after one hour,and allow it to cool down naturally.Do notheat treating cold rolled 1018 mild steel - Heat Treating See more resultsAnnealing Cold Rolled Steel - Annealing Heat Treating Batch Annealing Services Annealing cold rolled steel involves a time and temperature controlled thermomechanical process used predominantly to make steel soft again after cold reduction.Cold reduction or work hardening makes steel grain structure small and elongated.This produces high strength,but low elongation.

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